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I know I know... Google might be the front company for the anti-christ but...
Their mobile services are worth a look. I've test almost all of their mobile tools on my Blackberry and have been pleasantly surprised. Take a look through the link below. I've been a diehard yahoo user for years, but recent issues with my email has forced me to reconsider. Anyway... I recommend if you have 10 minutes to spare these tools are worth a look.

The economy is so bad even the Klingons are feeling it...

God's Facebook

"Wanted" --- WARNING SPOILER --- BTW... yeah... not good.
Let me start by saying I wanted to see this movie and yes had decent to high hopes. They were horribly dashed not by the fact that the laws of physics, probability, thermodynics, water cooler ethics, and plain old common sense were... well... frankly left in central park where only pidgeons could find them to shit on them but in fact by the notion that a 1000+ year old guild of assassins whose purpose is to "kill one to save a thousand" was taking their kill instruction from a... wait for it... an automated loom. I'll give you moment to let that sink in. (insert Jeopardy music) All the action sequences were 3 steps to the left and past ridiculous. This i can accept... even perhaps enjoy. A loom? and people decoding it names of people to kill in the name of fate. Ok... I'm sorry... I have to stop there. Morgan Freeman using the term, "Mother Fucker"... eh... maybe. A FUCKING LOOM? Sorry... again I say no. 6 times one bullet intercepting another by striking it dead on. 3 of those times were within seconds of each other. Eh... annoying but forgivable. A FUCKING LOOM? And last but not least the closing words of the movie, "What have you done lately?" Perhaps out of context this doesn't leave you with the feeling that tripe may have just shat in your mouth like it did for me, but that it sounded to me more like the next slogan the army is going to use for recruitment. So help me god if I see James McAvoy on a Marine recruitment poster for potential snipers... I may in fact write my first letters to the supreme court. Why not the Secretary of the Army? Why not my congressman? Why not to the secretly gun toting postal workers in my neighborhood? BECAUSE GOD DAMN IT! Ok I lost where I was going with that because I was overwhelmed by the travesty of this particle piece of cinema. They shot my thought. Why not? According to this director you can shoot the wings off of flies and make a bullet curve using the same motion a boxer uses to throw a round house punch. Oh I almost forgot something. Apparently... and I did not know this. If you soak in a bath of wax and drink vodka for 3 hours you heal like Wolverine. It's true. They showed us all about it... over... and over... and over. My list of problems with this film reads like the list of continuity errors in Spiderman 2. And last but not least if you're looking to see a certain actress nude... go rent Gia instead. This concludes my time on the proverbial "soap box".

Where to begin...
Where to begin... let's start with last Saturday. Last Saturday my cable and internet died. 2 hours on the phone for them to tell me it was my cable. Sunday I traded it in for a new one. I get home... and nothing. 2 more hours on the phone... it's my connection and they need to send out a tech... the soonest... Thursday. Monday night I get a notice in my mailbox that I have to have everything I own 3 feet away from all my windows because they are coming sometime Wed or Thurs to replace them. Tuesday... a conversation with apartment management... the window contractor and 7 hours of cleaning. Thurs and Friday I take vacation time for windows and cable guy. Thurs new windows in by 930 am. 2pm I get a voicemail saying my apt was cancel because they were unable to reach me. I was home all day with my front door open and at one point no windows... I was "here". A phone call to time warner that could easily have been more polite on my part and 20 mins later the tech was here. He was refreshingly intelligent and swift in his duties. He said it was correct that my connection was bad, and that the "new" cable box was also a toaster. He fixed my connection and replaced my cable box. In and out in 15 mins. A blessing on his house. Many in fact. Today... Friday they were supposed to come and put in window trim. No one showed up. Apparently also I'll be getting another notice for when my window blinds are to be installed. Today... my router died. Oh and I lost 16 hours of headbangers ball on the first cable box. Anyway... that's the story. Next weekend Marcon :D

Tarot Card meme

You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

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I'm on vacation techincally starting at midnight tonight...
Yes... that's right tonight at midnight I start my "vacation" for 2 business weeks. The official justification is due to a schedule change at work starting theoretically in June it is a very real possibility I won't have another chance till... perhaps Christmas. The main purpose for the two weeks is to allow me ample time for my next great build project to follow the chair... gasp... my bed ( and if time allows maybe a couch ). For those familiar with my chair the bed will be far more ridiculous in it's scope. Like the chair the bed will be built to my 6'2" lanky bastard dimensions. Like the chair... I will be using a gratuitous quantity of 2 by 4's and 8's, carriage bolts, plywood, wood screws, but for this project due to it's "size" I will be also buying a nail gun. Gasp. Yes... I said nail gun. I hope my accuracy with it is better than my last M-16 qualification because if not my parents garage will look like someone used grenades made out of pine needles. O.k. maybe not that bad. This also means that the only way to confirm my location for the next two weeks will be "eyes on target". I could and may potentially show up anywhere. Have tax return will travel. I still can't decide if I want to go to Adepticon in Chicago yet. I also hear the Parthenon calling my name... both of them. Who knows... when I get up in the morning I might not leave for 3 days ( sticks out tongue ). I have WoW and all the food I need can be delivered. How do you like them apples? :D OOOOH! I could drive to Mount Rushmore and see if I can find where the plumbers hid all the guns! I have a camcorder documenting that could be a blast! So to sum up... call my cell phone and I'll see ya when I see ya ;) ( insert hug and virtual mammal grab here ) where did I put my sonic screw driver?

Custom Art for Gizmos....

Any bets what custom design I ordered for my laptop...

( insert ear to ear grin here )

Movie Review - Cloverfield - No spoilers I promise
I went to see this movie tonight with one of my friends mainly out of curiosity. I'm sure you all have seen the trailer and read the synopsis. This is one of those movies shot from the perspective of one of the characters. Do not let this fact alone turn you off to the film. Any comparison of this film to The Blair Witch Project can only exist on the most elementary levels. I was never able to stay awake through Blair Witch. I always fell asleep. This movie on the other hand held my attention. The characters are very real and tangible. The actors do a commendable job and combined with the style and layout of the scenes consistently conveys some of the most realistic emotion under extreme circumstances I have ever seen. Whether you enjoy this movie or not if it doesn't make you emotional... I'm sorry your numb and this is coming from someone who views himself as an often callous and cold human being. No, I'm not saying your going to be crying, screaming, etc... but at times I'm sure you'll quietly be saying things under your breath as the pit of your stomach drops as it did to me... several times. As for special effects... they were all flawlessly realistic and effective. When I came out of the theater the first thought through my mind was, "That was very well crafted." With this style of cinematography it is easy to be quick to judge. I can not imagine this was simple to make. It could only have been crafted as a labor of love. There is just no other way this film could have made it to the screen. My only complaint is I would have liked more, but at the same time I completely understand why they ended it the way they did. Am I saying you should rush out and see it? No not really, but on a small screen it will loose a lot. See it at the late show at the dollar theater on a date, but not your first date... one in which you're already cuddling ( Yes, I typed that out loud. ) With that said... I paid full price and went with someone you will NEVER find me cuddling with and I don't regret it.


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